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SiTong Boiler Co., Ltd brings together a team of industry experts as the leading design, R&D team, and actively carries out domestic and international academic exchanges and technical cooperation and learns advanced technology and management experience, and constantly enriches and develop themselves. And Xi’an Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of technology, Henan Agricultural University School of energy and power engineering and many other research institutions to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, with strong design capability and technology development capabilities for growing enterprises, providing a powerful technology support and guarantee. Sitong and country’s three largest boiler manufacturers-Shanghai Boiler, Harbin Boiler and Dongfang Boiler has maintained long-term close contact and good cooperation relation, with these three boiler factories’ technical support as backing for the development of Sitong boiler , it is injected with new vitality and power.


Non destructive detection do as per “the commission sheet ”of the surface inspection qualified part inspect, unacceptable and defects need reworking, strictly executed reworking institution and re-inspection. Among every system set up in the quality system, it has 34 branch controlling unit, 55 controlling point, 4 stop check point, each stop check point and controlling point the key process according to the system requirement, all kinds of quality documents clearer and specification, which is approved and changed as per the procedure regulations. outsourced parts and external accessories supply according the institution check and implement, preferred fixed point. the main bearing pressure part record, one pare one card, each procedures have completely signature, record clear. Achieve to “two conscientious and one controlling ”, “three satisfaction”, at the basic of each qualified, conscientiously accept supervision and inspection by the inspection personnel, comply with formality, ensure the unqualified part do not turn into next procedure, make the product identification and qualification conform to the principle of uniqueness, through measurement, analysis, improve the control, to ensure product quality, quality management, product realization process to meet with the principle. Meanwhile perfect the sales and service network, accomplish the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, tracking service for the sold products by the internal and external feedback channels, when it’s found quality problems timely feedback to each kinds of functional departments to find problems, make the actions, sum up experiences, to find real solutions for the user trouble back at home.